I began in my very early age with cactuses. I started to buy my first cactuses on exhibitions when I was 10 years old. Small collection have started to grow or diminish. I was interested in cactuses and suculents deeper after my military service in 1988. Since then my original small greenhouse behind my window (120 x 40 cm) have enlarged upto four big greenhouses on the area of 200 m2

After every construction I have sworn that this is the last greenhouse. But every "cactus-man" knows that the itself biggest greenhouse will be small one day, so who knows. It is necessary to point out that my wife SVETLANA, my children ANETKA (1990), KRISTYNKA (1994) and maybe one day my little MICHAL (2004) help me with greenhouses. I cannot forget my father (1929) who opens windows in summer and takes care of water and wathes out the temperature in winter. 

Year 1997 in photos

Year 2007 in photos

Our green-house